Portfolio: WUFT News

I spent Fall 2017 as a web reporter for WUFT News, North Central Florida's NPR/PBS affiliate newsroom. I teamed up with radio and TV reporters to produce cross-platform stories, pitched ideas to newsroom producers and reported on, wrote and photographed day-turn and long form news stories. 

enterprise + multimedia news features


Gainesville Taekwondo Classes Build Up Intellectually Disabled Children

While I was at WUFT, each reporter was randomly assigned a Gainesville/North Central Florida zip code to investigate. This led me to a local martial arts studio that's cultivating a unique community. 

This episode of WUFT's The Point podcast features sound bytes from my interviews and behind-the-scenes details of my reporting process.


Tree Trimmer Climbs Ahead of Irma

I talked all things trees and hurricane prepared-ness with a charismatic tree cutter who was flooded with requests in the days before Hurricane Irma hit North Central Florida. 


Greener Pastures In Sight For Alachua Horse Sanctuary After Irma

For this multimedia feature, I ventured to a rural Alachua horse sanctuary that was flooded by Hurricane Irma and met the HFIC (Head Farmer In Charge).